Vanguard Updated Bank Authorization Agreement

You authorize Vanguard Group, Inc. and Vanguard Marketing Corporation, as well as all affiliated companies or subsidiaries of either (individually or collectively, “Vanguard”), to pay, by telephone or online request, amounts that have been triggered or paid by you, or to ensure payment of the money you have invested by activating credit or debit entries into your bank account. Electronic transfer transactions are displayed on your monthly statements in case of account savings, money market accounts or current accounts. If the transaction was made on a Passbook account, you should have your Passbook updated from the last time you introduced your Passport regularly. If you have agreed to deposit directly into your account, at least once every 60 days of the same person or company, you can call us at 410-477-5000 to find out if the deposit was made or not. In addition, it may be possible to agree with certain merchants, insurance companies, banks, credit unions and other institutions that recurring invoices be automatically paid from your account (a charge from their account): the use of the ATM constitutes an agreement between the customer and BayVanguard Bank, that each is bound by the terms of this disclosure as well as to the Automated Teller Machine agreement. Adding or managing an electronic transfer service between your bank and your Vanguard account You allow the bank to accept these credits or withdrawals from your account without being responsible. You acknowledge that creating transactions with Automated Clearing House (ACH) on your account must comply with U.S. law. You agree that Vanguard does not result in any loss, liability, cost or cost associated with your telephone or online request. Bay-Vanguard sells and will not transmit personal data to third parties for independent use. However, we may provide personal data to service providers if this information is necessary to provide the product or service you requested as follows: (1) if necessary to conclude the transfers; (2) at service offices for processing data or accounts; (3) pursuant to an agreement between the Bank and a professional regulator or discipline body; (4) in relation to debt collection or reporting of losses we have incurred; (5) in response to subpoenas, summonses, court proceedings or administrative orders, or any other court proceedings that we believe require our respect; (6) to Chex Systems, Inc. or other account information services; (7) to MABS, Maryland Association for Bank Security or other security services accepted by the industry; (8) and anyone we reasonably believe is conducting a legitimate credit investigation to verify the existence or condition of an account for a third party such as a merchant or credit bureau.