Shelter Lodgers Agreement

If you do not move at the end of the termination or agreement, your landlord can drive you away peacefully. If you are a landlord who rents one of the rooms in your home and you share facilities with your tenant, for example.B. kitchen and bathroom, they will either be laid off and excluded or an excluded tenant. The time they live with you will not change their legal status. You would be a tenant excluded if you only use one room (if you have a padlock for your room and you have not included a clause in their contract that can move them from room to room). If you have not set notice in your contract, the notice period must be met at common law. Excluded tenancy agreement – the termination period is a full term of the lease, for example. B a weekly period for a weekly rental contract. License excluded – the lessor must terminate the premises appropriately if the termination period is not stipulated in the license agreement. The licensee may only be evacuated after the reasonable notice period has expired. There are no defined rules as to the notice period that would constitute an appropriate termination. This will probably depend on the length of the occupancy in the dwelling, the periods for which the rent is paid, the behaviour of the parties and the availability of alternative housing You are responsible for the assumption of the accommodation.

This may include unlocking a fall or changing a backup if necessary. Depending on what your lease says, you may also have other responsibilities. In some areas, there are housing units that can help potential tenants equip people with rooms that can be rented. Your local council can give you information about anything that works near you. Some councils have accommodation sites where owners can rent rooms for free. The housing administration of your local council is a good place to start to find out what is available near you. If your agreement says that the owner can stop it for the fixed period, you must follow what the contract says about termination. Despite the notification, your lease is not over.