Sc Mortgage Broker Agreement

(A) Within three business days of receiving a mortgage application, the broker must submit an agreement on mortgage broker fees that will disclose to the borrower the estimated total cost of the mortgage and a breakdown of the costs, if any, under federal or national law. Disclosure is deemed to be delivered if it is filed with the U.S. Postal Service for first-class delivery. (1) the mortgage broker or lender acts as the borrower`s intermediary to provide intermediation services to the borrower; (B) If a mortgage broker or lender does not comply with the provisions of the subsection (A), the borrower may be dismissed by the credit officer or credit officer, (3) a detailed description of the services that the mortgage broker or lender is prepared to provide to the borrower and an estimate of the fees collected by the broker or lender for these services , whether they are paid for by the borrower, the institutional lender or both; and (2) the fees the borrower pays to the mortgage borrower or lender for the services provided by the agreement; and (C) All fees collected for services provided as a mortgage broker must be disclosed to the applicant by the mortgage broker in accordance with federal or national law. (D) A mortgage fee agreement must be made in writing and must include the name, address and telephone number of the mortgage broker`s branch, bank account number, if any, date of agreement, name of proposed borrower or borrower, signature of borrower and mortgage broker, fee amount and nature of services provided to the borrower. A copy of the contract must be provided to the borrower by the mortgage broker. The arm mortgage agreement may provide for a signed confirmation by the borrower of obtaining a copy of the agreement. When a mortgage broker holds mortgages, the mortgage agreement to be armed must contain a statement telling the applicant that the loan can be co-matched. Within three days of a final decision on the brokerage of a loan, the broker must send the applicant a written notice of coredration, including the name and street and postal address of the co-broker, as well as the broker who must be contacted regarding the advancement of the mortgage broker`s services provided to the applicant. Any broker in a co-brokerage contract must be authorized with the administrator. (4) a clear and striking presentation of the conditions under which the borrower is required to pay for the services provided under the agreement. (C) A mortgage broker or lender charged with the breach cannot be held liable for an infringement in a legal action covered by this section if the mortgage broker or lender in charge of the infringement demonstrates, by being overweight, that the breach was not intentional and is the result of a good faith error, regardless of the maintenance of reasonably appropriate procedures to avoid the error.

(2) When acting as agent for the borrower, the borrower owes the borrower a duty of care, honesty and loyalty in the transaction, including the obligation to disclose all essential facts. If the mortgage broker or lender is authorized to act as an agent for another person, the mortgage fee contract must contain a statement of that fact and the identification of that person; (B) A person shall not earn, charge or charge a mortgage broker or processing fee unless the person meets the requirements of this chapter, is authorized to provide mortgage intermediation services or is exempt from the requirements of this chapter under this chapter.