Salas-Becker Agreement Panama

1. (C) Next week, Vladimir Franco, Director General of Legal and Contract Affairs at the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMF), will be in Washington to discuss the Perseus V case with U.S. officials. This cable is intended to help Washington officials prepare for this visit and to draw Washington`s attention to recent changes in the AMF`s operating environment. Last February, the 1st Vice-President and FM Samuel Lewis appointed Vladimir Franco to his current position after the resignation of Iani Quadri, who had held the post since 1999. In addition, Franco is one of the five directors general of the AMF and one of two who regularly replace the deputy minister, while fm Samuel Lewis travels, effectively dividing the third place in the ministry. This change of guard had a profound impact on the day-to-day interactions of the message with the AMF. Franco`s office is responsible for verifying all legal issues, including all dip notes, time notices (TDNs), which grant THE U.S. military SOFA-type privileges, and anything to do with contracts, such as the Salas-Becker Agreement (SBA).

He is also responsible for negotiations on a possible sale of the former embassy building in downtown Panama City. While the Embassy continues to provide excellent cooperation with the AMF in general, Franco and his office are now addressing all these issues in detail and legalistic manner. The inconsistencies and errors that were corrected by a quick phone call under Quadri, like. B for example, erroneous language in a TDN dipnote note, now often cause long delays and finally require intervention from Franco`s superiors to resolve it. Although not all of these delays are directly attributable to Franco, he has shown no interest in being useful in solving the problems, in a hard contract with Quadri. Post also believes that Franco leaked information about the Perseus V case to support lawyers for sailors who are trying to overturn their convictions on the grounds that their arrests violated the Salas-Becker agreement. With regard to the Salas-Becker agreement, Franco recently referred to Panamanian lawyers “who did not consider the Salas-Becker agreement legitimate because it went far beyond the original agreement,” during a recent meeting with Brad Keiserman, Director of Maritime Threat Control and Head of the U.S. Coast Guards Law Group and EmbOffs. It was clear to everyone that Franco was part of this group.

Segundo punto: Panamé fue un Paes Ocupado por EUA hasta 1993, cuando se cerré el primer ciclo de la invasée. “Qué dice el Derecho Internacional sobre los acuerdos y tratados internacionales entre una Potencia Ocupante y un Pas Ocupado? El documento fue firmado por el entonces ministro de Gobierno y exmagistrado de la Corte Anébal Salas, y el encargado de negocios de la embajada de EU en Panamé, Frederick A. Becker. The REsolucén of the UN sober the Definicién de Agresién ratifica y recalca lo dicho por Fariborz Nozari: la agresién no produce derechos, mucho menos tratados.