Rental Agreement Riga

Contracts of contracts not expressly concluded are considered indeterminate contracts. Contracts expire indefinitely, unless otherwise agreed, after six months` notice. This notification can be communicated by both parties. However, if the rent is paid monthly or weekly, just give one week or one month`s notice. Official accommodation (local in an official accommodation or official accommodation) is transferred only on the basis of an employment contract or for study for use on the basis of an official accommodation rental contract. The tenant is required to transfer a dwelling house (residential area) with all the equipment to a tenant in such a state, so that the tenant can use the house (housing) and derive all possible benefits that he can obtain under the rental contract. The amount reserved by the credit card will be released or the security deposit will be refunded no later than 14 (14) days after the expiry of the rental period. 2) the tenant has not paid for the assistance in question for three months, unless the tenancy agreement sets another period and the tenant has been warned in writing that the assistance will no longer be provided at least two weeks in advance; or When booking the car, the customer confirms that he has become familiar with the terms and conditions of the car rental contract and agrees to be bound to it if the customer and the car rental enter into a rental contract. Non-residential tenancy agreements are concluded in according with the procedures provided by civil law. If the customer does not meet the security terms of the deposit, the rental car may refuse to sign the rental contract without penalty. A common dwelling is a dwelling whose dwellings are used on the basis of individual leases and whose ancillary premises are transferred for collective purposes. Debts from subletting and service payments are recovered according to the same procedures as for rent debts. (a) before the contract is concluded, pay in the sum of the deposit for the car, as well as pay the rent and make payments for additional services, if the tenant has chosen it; If a dwelling is rented to a person for whom the local government has an obligation to help resolve housing issues according to the procedures established by law, the competent city council can set a lower rent, thereby reducing the cost of administering the dwelling and without any profit.