Nonprofit Collaboration Agreement Template

As stated in the terms of use, we do not provide legal or tax advice, do not offer mutual aid advice or substantial legal information on this site. Users of the site should also understand that we practice in California and that we have created the use documents by California non-profit organizations that are our clients. We do not guarantee that they reflect existing legislation or that they are otherwise comprehensive, let alone that they are fit to be used in a given situation. Cooperation allows two or more parties to include a partnership in order to achieve more than each of them could accomplish on its own. Each party to the cooperation should bring valuable knowledge and expertise to the partnership. This can help ensure that the underlying project has expertise at all stages of the project. A simple cooperation agreement defines how the partnership works, describes the contributions each partner has to make, and describes the dispute resolution procedures that quickly resolve disputes to allow the project to continue. Cooperation agreements are used in many different situations, including for public and private purposes. Musicians, writers and other artists often work together on an original work. A simple cooperation agreement can determine the identity of the contributors and their rights over the resulting creation. While it is useful for this type of cooperation agreement to include many elements, a simple agreement, which indicates in plain English the roles and rights of each participant, can be just as effective.

Research projects at large universities often involve more than one school, government agencies, students and external private institutions. A simple cooperation agreement can indicate each party`s contribution to the project and indicate who gets a loan at the end. This site contains a collection of forms and legal documents relating to non-profit organizations. Several comments on materials: For-profit companies include co-operations, also known as joint ventures, when collaborating with another company on a particular project. Most of these companies are better able to meet through complex agreements that detail each partner`s role, obligations, responsibilities and reduction of profits.