No Pet Allowed Agreement

That is not what you agreed, you acted in a sneaky way. If they have broken that part of the agreement, there is a good chance that they will break it in another way. Serve a section 21. Inspect regularly. Set the rent. Collect evidence to claim damage at the end of the lease. Evacuate when necessary. After the signature lease I removed ownership from the market and accumulated a lot of costs on my new site, can I hold deposits? I recently asked to have a cat in my rented apartment (the cat is a hairless one, and will be inside… No risk of chip) I am a good tenant and I always pay my rent on time, and I look at the apartment because it was not mine and even made small repairs myself. My contact does not say the animals allowed, but I know two tenants in our block who have permission to have the same kind of breed cat as mine…

and another who has cats, but no permission, because he claims that they are walkers who come to his house… My application was rejected, but I find it really unfair that other tenants could have cats or get away with cats without permission, but an honest tenant like me, who actually asked permission, is simply rejected. How can I challenge my landlord`s decision to change his mind? Hey, Stephanie. Have you informed your owner that you will add a pet to your family before travelling to pick it up? The second important thing to respect is the rental agreement and the rules/regulations of the property on the process of adding a pet. If you explain your situation, you can ask if they have forms or documents that you can sign electronically to add your new family member, as a face-to-face visit is in conflict with your schedule. I hope this will help you and wish you good luck! My daughter signed a lease with the states, “There will be a $35-a-month fee for pets.” When she tried to adopt a dog, the owner told her that he had changed his policy (rescue called him, he told them they were calling my daughter)… Anyway, is it legal in the United States? He explained that he was tired of flea problems in some of his other features. Is there anything we can do? My daughter is very depressed because she was looking forward to a companion. He even said she could have a pet if she visited the property.

What`s your advice? If the apartment allowed pets, but the tenants had a visitor with a dog, a $500 fee could be applied if the rental agreement states that “all pets not authorized on the site will be subject to a $500 fee”? or should the rental agreement state that “all unauthorized pets, including the visitor`s pets found on the ground, will be charged $500”? I am just wondering if there is a grey area that could cancel this tax? Our owner is trying to charge us $500 for an unauthorized dog that stayed with us for a few hours.