Network Rail Asset Protection Agreement

Issues: A person, member of the public or organization with the exception of Network Rail, which does not physically alter the operation of the railway infrastructure and does not physically alter the operation of the railway infrastructure, promotes, designs, builds, builds, builds and maintains work that is not physically related to the operation of the railway infrastructure. An organization other than Network Rail intends to carry out work that will physically alter the operation, assets, design or other functions of Network Rail`s infrastructure and potentially benefit. If you have worked with Network Rail`s asset protection and optimization teams and would like to provide feedback, please complete our customer satisfaction survey. T: 08457 114141 E: As Network Rail owns and operates by British railways, our responsibility to operate and maintain them safely may mean that other organisations feel they are having difficulty cooperating in the implementation of rail projects. In recognition of this, we are implementing a series of reforms aimed at removing barriers and facilitating cooperation with us. We looked at 41 different risk categories that could result in problems, delays or additional costs for a rail project, and analyzed where Network Rail might take that risk, or we specified who would cover it. An “industrial risk fund” has been created to allow Network Rail to assume risk and finance debts when projects encounter some unforeseen problems in the sector. The standard risk allocation table is available through our third-party downloads and identifies all potential risks and who is responsible for them – Network Rail, the industry`s risk fund, the sponsoring client or the extension provider. Our vegetation management work is essential to safety and we do everything in our power to keep residents informed. We need to manage vegetation next to the railway throughout the year to eliminate safety risks while being sensitive to wildlife and the local environment. Check out our environmental sites to find out why we need to manage vegetation and how it is done. We allow other organizations to invest and build on the railway.

As part of the Open for Business program, we are re-exploring and changing our risk management standards, practices and approaches to streamline processes to facilitate cooperation with us. Reforms of our ASPRO organization include: new leaders, a national framework, service level commitments, customer satisfaction surveys and risk reporting.