Government Quality Assurance Agreement

(a) develop and implement effective procedures for the implementation of measures to ensure the quality of state contracts under the contract, in accordance with the written instructions of the contracting entity; 1. Complex items have quality features that are not fully visible in the final article and for which compliance with the contract must be established gradually through precise measurements, tests and controls, applied when purchasing, manufacturing, performing, assembling and functional operation, either as individual items or in connection with other objects. 46.402 State insurance at source. (a) agencies set procedures to determine when higher contract quality requirements are required to determine the risk (both probability and effect) of non-compliance and to advise the contractor on the higher standards to be applied and inclusion in the appeal and contract. Higher quality standards are required for tenders and contracts for complex or critical objects (see item 46.203) or where the technical requirements of the contract require quality control to ensure that the quality of products and services meets contractual requirements. (1) quality control of supplies or services; 246.401 Generalities. The requirement for a quality assurance monitoring plan is taken into account and documented in the contract file for each contract, with the exception of those awarded under simplified procurement procedures. With respect to service contracts, the contractor should develop a quality assurance monitoring plan to facilitate the assessment of contractors` performance (see item 237.172). With regard to supply contracts, the contractor should respond to the need for a quality assurance monitoring plan. 246.402 Quality assurance at source.

Do not require quality assurance of government contracts at source for contracts or supplies worth less than $350,000, unless … (1) mandated by the DoD Regulation; (2) required by an agreement between the division or agency responsible and the Contract Management Agency; or (3) The licensee finds that the technical requirements applicable to the contract are significant (for example. B technical requirements for drawings, audits or performance requirements); (ii) the acquired product – (A) has critical characteristics; (B) has identified specific characteristics that necessitate assurance of the quality of contracts at source; or (C) have identified specific acquisition concerns that necessitate quality assurance of government contracts at source; and iii) the contract is awarded to … (A) a manufacturer or manufacturer; or (B) a non-manufacturer or non-manufacturer and specific government controls were deemed necessary and feasible.