Facility Agreement In Italiano

In addition to non-refundable aid, Member States have the option of applying for a loan. The loan is intended to finance additional reforms and investments. The loan application may be submitted at the same time as the plan or, on another date, with a revised plan (Article 12). The maximum volume of loans for each Member State will not exceed 4.7% of its gross national income. An increase in the capped amount is possible in exceptional circumstances, with the availability of resources. After making the decision on the loan application, the Commission enters into a loan agreement with the Member State concerned (Article 13). For reasons of usefulness and in order to reach agreement as quickly as possible between the co-legislators, this draft regulation is based on the most recent text discussed by the co-legislators on the proposal to create a programme to support reforms 1, adopted by the Commission on 31 May 2018 as part of the Multi-Year Financial Framework (PSC) for the period 2021-2027. and makes appropriate changes to reflect the revised objectives and the appropriate delivery method of the new instrument. That is why this proposal replaces the Commission`s proposal for a programme of support for reform, which is being withdrawn. Therefore, the european Parliament and Council`s proposal for a regulation establishing a governance framework for the Convergence and Competitiveness Instrument for the Euro Area 2 is also withdrawn. In addition, a separate proposal for a regulation [COD…] is presented to the Commission in order to provide technical support to the Member States. The aim of the facility is to promote the union`s economic, social and territorial cohesion by improving the resilience and adaptability of Member States, mitigating the social and economic effects of the crisis and supporting green and digital transitions aimed at achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, thereby helping to restore the growth potential of Member States` economies after the COVID 19 crisis. , promoting job creation and promoting sustainable growth.