Euronext Market Data Distribution Agreement

Lead your business in a transparent environment and make business decisions with confidence using Euronext market data. Contains index data, pre-trade and post-trade data. Use of the display: where you can view market data on a device, screen or otherwise. Note that for some real-time market data products, the fee is lower if you are a retail customer. You want to use Euronext`s real-time market data in a redistributor-controlled environment (for example.B data provider). Our market licensing managers support the following regions: You are a member of the trade who wants real-time market data from an extranet service provider (ESP) or an application service provider (ASP). Complete suite of index data products that provide the current and historical composition of detailed indices and weights, index values, dividers and market capitalization for Euronext indices. Non-screen use: Where your devices or applications receive and use market data. For example, as part of automated calculations or algorithms for automated order or offer generation. The data is not displayed. Make data-based decisions with our real-time and delayed market data providers aggregate, standardize and distribute market data from multiple exchanges and/or APAs and combine it on a single platform. Data providers provide different types of information for different sectors, sectors or groups.

In addition, they can provide added value through additional information, such as analysis. B, messages or tools to display market data. In some cases, data providers distribute market data to end-users as raw data. More than 40 data providers distribute real-time market data to Euronext. All current active agreements within the Euronext Real-Time Market Data for the Supplier Plan Please consult the Euronext Market Data Agreements to see if you need a direct license with Euronext to obtain and use our market data. Please note that if you use deferred market data only for internal (non-commercial) purposes, you are not required to enter into a licensing agreement with Euronext. Public display of market data (on a website or TV channel). Only limited extracts of real-time market data can be viewed publicly. For more information, see the information product pricing plan. Select, pay and download individual market releases through our Data Shop. Euronext has registered the names of its main markets, indices, products and services as brands in the European Union and other countries of the world.

These brands are important assets of Euronext. You may not register or use company names, names, trade names, domain names or other names, indications or descriptions that, without Euronext`s express written permission, include any of the registered trademarks of Euronext NV and its related companies. The terms and conditions applicable to subscribers apply to all those who receive Euronext market data from a data seller (e.g.B. data provider, broker) for internal use. A PPU collects, consolidates and standardizes market data in real time. The data is then distributed to the customer, where the customer can view the data using an interface created by the ASP. The ASPs interface often provides the commercial link with Euronext. This allows the customer to obtain market data, but also to execute trading orders on Euronext. Trade members are typical users of this solution. The Euronext website is not addressed to a person in a jurisdiction or is not intended to be broadcast if it is a violation of applicable legislation or regulations.

It is the responsibility of each user to take into account their legal and regulatory position in the relevant jurisdiction, to take into account the risks associated with trading these securities or investments and to ensure that