Conference Programme

The schedule for RAISE 2018 is still being finalised, but a DRAFT outline is available below. (Please note that this schedule is indicative, and may change.) Here are a few of the highlights…


Full Programme
Special Interest Groups
Social Activities
Poster Presentations

    1. Conference evening drinks reception on Wednesday 5th September and launch of the latest volume of the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal
    2. Conference dinner at Hallam Hall, Sheffield Hallam University, on Thursday 6th September (menu available at time of booking)
    3. Panel entitled ‘RAISE questions the policy makers’, on Thursday 6th September, introduced by Gaby Neher (RAISE Communications Officer) @GabrieleNeher.
      Confirmed speakers:

    4. Keynote on Critical Hope and Student Partnerships: Adventures in Curiosity-Driven Approaches to Learning with Dr Jessica Riddell, on Wednesday 5th September.
    5. Keynote on Collaborative approaches to understanding the experiences of first generation students through culturally responsive approaches with Dr Amani Bell on Friday 7th September.
    6. A workshop on publishing your work in the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal
    7. Social run at 5 pm on Thursday 6th September