Another Word For Agreement Or Permission

“With your permission,” he says negligently; And I pulled the girl to the side in the corner of the stairs. Permission you give to do for something you know could be dangerous for you official permission that allows someone to do something in a particular country, or to be told some information Maybe Antoun Effendi could get permission to visit the boat. Permission you give to the doctors to do something to you after they have explained the risks with permission not to do something you normally have to do, and the doctor sent me to ask for my permission to visit me in my own apartment. He searched through the company to begin with, then turned to Arrumpa. Her visitor had accepted the open door as permission to enter and stood in the lobby. official consent or permission given by someone in authority to ignore something like a rule, obligation or official authorization payment to do something that people are not normally allowed to do, especially by a religious authority Is not its own flag flying there, and in Malta, not only by its permission, but by its command? Permission to do something wrong or illegal, I try to say that my mother will agree if I have my father`s permission to leave. I didn`t want to get into that phase, but it may explain what I`m going to do with your permission. Permission to handle a particular situation or do a particular job in the way you think is best, I wrote to your father asking his permission to ask you to marry me. an order that tells people that they can legally let a place an exception or a relaxation of a rule or right the right to do something that is given to you by someone in authority.